Om Birla Biography in English

As the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Om Birla, a significant figure in Indian politics, has permanently inscribed his name in the annals of the nation’s parliamentary history.

Om Birla was born on November 23, 1962, in the small town of Kota in the state of Rajasthan, in the northwest, and his early years were characterized by modesty and a steadfast dedication to public service. He was a committed learner who pursued his higher education at Kota, first at the Government Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati College and then at the Government Commerce College. His scholarly endeavors lay the groundwork for his future career in politics.

He rose to political prominence by demonstrating outstanding leadership abilities and a sincere dedication to the welfare of his citizens. He earned respect and appreciation for his commitment to public service as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Rajasthan’s Kota-Bundi constituency from both his peers and constituents.

His promotion to Speaker of the Lok Sabha in June 2019 represented a key turning point in his professional life. In this blog article, Om Birla’s amazing path from impoverished origins to presiding officer of India’s lower house is explored, along with the influence of his vision and leadership on the country’s legislative affairs and democracy.

NameOm Birla
Full NameOm Prakash Birla
Date Of BirthNovember , 23, 1962
Birth PlaceKota, Rajasthan India
Age60 years
Zodiac SineSagittarius
Home TownKota, Rajasthan
Height5 fit 8 inch
Eyes ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack
CollegeCommerce college ,Kota
Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer, in 1987
CastVaishy (Baniya)
HobbiesWatching cricket and listening to music
Marrital Statusmarried
Marrige DateMarch 11,1991
WifeAmita Birla
Children’sTwo Aakanksha Birla and Anjali Birla
Favourite GameCricket
Political PartyBharatiya Janta Party
Net Worth0.6 million
Salary1.25 lakh + other

Early Life and Education of Om Birla:

The distinguished Speaker of the Lok Sabha in India, Om Birla, has had a wonderful career that started with his early years and academic endeavors. Om Birla, who was born on November 23, 1962, in Kota, Rajasthan, comes from a lowly family. The values of public welfare and civic responsibility were instilled in him from a young age because he hails from a family with a strong commitment to social and community service.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) from the Government Commerce College in Kota, which marked the start of his academic career. He subsequently graduated from the same college with a Master of Commerce (M.Com). Even when he was a student and showed a preference for leadership, his commitment to education and academic performance was clear.

Om Birla’s participation in numerous social and academic organizations further demonstrated his dedication to education and community welfare. ​ His involvement in mainstream politics and ascension to prominence in the Lok Sabha were made possible by these formative experiences, which served as a springboard.

Early experiences and scholastic background of Birla show a strong dedication to public service, which would later define his distinguished political career in India. His rise from a devout Kota student to Speaker of the Lok Sabha is evidence of his commitment and leadership skills.

Entry into Politics of Om Birla:

Om Birla’s introduction into politics was characterized by a dedication to serving the Indian people and a strong sense of civic duty. In Kota, Rajasthan, where he was born and raised, where he first started his adventure, he actively participated in local politics and social activities. He entered electoral politics and repeatedly ran for and won seats in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.

Birla’s rise continued when he entered politics at the federal level and was elected as an MP to the Lok Sabha. His active involvement in debates, talks, and committee work throughout his time in parliament demonstrated his enthusiasm for legislative issues.

Birla’s dedication to serving the public and his innovative style of politics ultimately led to his election as Speaker of the Lok Sabha. His appointment as the custodian of the lower chamber of the Indian Parliament was greatly influenced by his stellar record and the confidence of his fellow lawmakers. Om Birla’s entrance into politics demonstrated his commitment to helping the country and his quick ascent to prominence as a political figure on the national scene.

Parliamentary Journey of Om Birla:

Om Birla’s journey to the Indian parliament has been nothing short of extraordinary; it has been characterized by commitment, determination, and a thorough understanding of the political process. Om Birla, who was born on November 23, 1962, in Rajasthan, started his political career at a young age because he was passionate about helping others.

Birla was chosen as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Rajasthan’s Kota-Bundi constituency in the 16th Lok Sabha in 2014. His election to the House of Commons signaled the start of several noteworthy contributions. He actively participated in talks, debates, and legislative proceedings as an MP. ​

This measure attempted to increase the electorate’s democratic engagement by making voting mandatory for all eligible people. Despite the bill’s failure to become law, it demonstrated Birla’s dedication to advancing democracy.

His commitment and strong parliamentary abilities were noted. One of the top posts in Indian politics, Speaker of the Lok Sabha Om Birla, was chosen in June 2019 for the role. In his role as Speaker, he brought a wealth of parliamentary expertise as well as a fair and impartial demeanor to presiding over Lok Sabha proceedings.

The political leadership and dedication to the welfare of the Indian people shown by Om Birla during his time in parliament continues to be an inspiration.

Speaker of the Lok Sabha Om Birla:

He was born on November 23, 1962, in Kota, Rajasthan, and despite coming from a lowly family, he has worked hard and been tenacious in his pursuit of success.

Birla excelled in school from an early age. He participated actively in student politics while pursuing his business degree at the Government business College in Kota. His political career was founded by this early involvement.

He repeatedly represented the Kota-Bundi constituency in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, receiving praise for his effective handling of the area.

When he was elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) in 2014 to represent the Kota-Bundi constituency, his political path brought him to the national arena. He actively participated in legislative proceedings throughout his time as an MP, contributing to discussions on a variety of topics and introducing multiple private member bills.

Om Birla was chosen to serve as Speaker of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian Parliament, in June 2019. He is essential to preserving decorum and order during meetings as Speaker, guaranteeing the smooth operation of the legislative process.

Birla’s impartiality and dedication to maintaining democratic ideals have been hallmarks of his leadership as Speaker. To improve the efficiency and transparency of legislative proceedings, he has put up a number of measures. The Lok Sabha has experienced productive debates and discussions on important matters under his leadership.

Om Birla Biography in English

Leadership and Vision Om Birla:

Indian Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla is renowned for his exceptional management and unwavering direction of the body’s parliamentary business. His management approach is defined by a skillful balancing of inclusivity, openness, and effectiveness.

A commitment to preserve the democratic principles of the Indian Parliament characterizes Birla’s leadership. He makes sure that all opinions are heard and that the proceedings of the legislature are fair and impartial. The Lok Sabha has seen higher productivity and a more positive environment for legislative debates under his leadership.

The “zero-hour” idea, intended to facilitate talks on significant matters that might not have been put on the agenda, is one of Birla’s most notable conceptions. This invention has made it possible for lawmakers to bring up important issues, which has improved how responsive the parliament is to urgent issues.

Birla also has a plan for improving public access to parliamentary sessions. To enable citizens to see the democratic process in action, he started live broadcasting Lok Sabha sessions. This action improves the legislative process’s accountability and transparency.

Awards and Recognition Om Birla:

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha of India, Om Birla, has won a sizable number of honors and distinctions during the course of his illustrious political career. His contributions to the improvement of democratic procedures and the Indian parliamentary system have not gone unnoticed. Among the notable honors and accolades he has earned are:

  • Because of his exceptional services to the Indian Parliament, Om Birla was honored with the 2019 Outstanding Parliamentarian Award. This honor honors his commitment to public service and to defending the country’s democratic traditions.
  • The Lokmat Parliamentary Awards also presented Om Birla with the Best Parliamentarian Award. His remarkable performance and efficiency as a member of parliament are reflected in this accolade.
  • The Bharat Gaurav Award honors people who have enhanced the prestige and sense of pride in the country. The Bharat Gaurav Award, given to Om Birla, recognizes his contribution to India’s political environment.

Legacy and Impact of Om Birla:

Om Birla’s stint as Speaker of the Lok Sabha—India’s parliament’s lower house—has had a significant legacy and a long-lasting influence on Indian democracy. Under his leadership, the nation’s welfare and parliamentary democracy have been upheld with a commitment.

Om Birla’s legacy is mostly connected to his unflinching commitment to the democratic process. The Lok Sabha under his leadership experienced more fruitful sessions, with a discernible rise in the number of bills passed and discussions undertaken. He put forward creative ideas for streamlining parliamentary processes, which improved the effectiveness of the legislative process.

His efforts in the Lok Sabha to promote bipartisanship and diversity have had a significant effect. He ensured that attendees from various political persuasions were given an opportunity to express their thoughts and take part in thought-provoking conversations. A more accommodative and optimistic political atmosphere has been fostered by this tactic.

Om Birla’s commitment to the welfare of the Indian people has also been made evident by his emphasis on social and educational issues. He encouraged discussions on significant issues including women’s empowerment, healthcare, and education and backed a number of welfare and development projects. His actions have impacted government policy and directed programs toward bettering society.

Father NameSwa. Sri Krishna Leela
Mother NameSwa. Shakuntala Devi
Wife NameAmita Birla
Children’s NameAakanksha Birla and Anjali Birla
Net Worth 20230.6 million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees4.83 crore
Salary1.25 lakh + other


The dedication, effectiveness, and commitment to the nation’s democratic traditions have been hallmarks of Om Birla’s time serving as Speaker of the Lok Sabha in India. His journey from a lowly beginning to one of the most esteemed positions in Indian politics is a testimonial to his perseverance and the confidence his contemporaries placed in him.

The Lok Sabha discussions are handled in a fair and orderly manner because to Om Birla’s neutrality and in-depth knowledge of parliamentary procedures throughout his tenure as Speaker. He adopted technology to open up sessions to the public, which has made a substantial contribution to the transparency and accessibility of legislative proceedings.

Additionally, under his leadership, he has made crucial choices about issues of utmost national significance, which have aided in the smooth operation of the Lok Sabha. He has played a significant role in encouraging decorum and discipline inside the legislature, which are essential for a democratic government to function well.

The influence of Om Birla goes beyond his time as Speaker. Future generations of leaders will undoubtedly be inspired by his influence on Indian politics to continue in his footsteps. For those who come after him, he has set a high bar with his dedication to public service, his capacity for bridging political chasms, and his vision for a stronger, more active Lok Sabha.


Q.1: What kind of schooling has Om Birla received?

A.1: Government Commerce College in Kota is where Om Birla finished his studies.

Q.2: What prompted Om Birla to run for office?

A.2: He joined the BJP after joining the RSS to launch his political career.

Q.3: What are a few of the difficulties Om Birla has encountered while serving as Speaker of the Lok Sabha?

A.3: He has managed controversial issues and complicated legislative dynamics.

Q.4: What does Om Birla bring to the Lok Sabha as Speaker?

A.4: He has preserved the respectability of the Parliament, promoted fruitful discussions, and made sure that meetings run well.

Q.5: What impact has Om Birla’s private life had on his political career?

A.5: His family has been a major source of encouragement for him throughout his political career.

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